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About HyperSparge™
Operation & Maintenance
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HyperSparge™ Advantages

About the HyperSparge™

The HyperSparge™ is a proven and cost effective system for delivering air, oxygen or other process gases into tanks or vessels for leaching or oxidation processes. The HyperSparge™ is a gas sparging technology that uses an alloy steel injection lance fitted with a hard wearing ceramic nozzle to inject a concentrated supersonic jet of gas into the process solution or slurry. The supersonic gas jet enters the process stream at velocities in excess of 400 m/s, creating a region of very high local shear, resulting in very efficient mass transfer.

The HyperSparge™ is a complete gas injection technology, consisting of several sub assemblies that are designed for safe live insertion and removal of the sparger, so that process downtime is minimised. The HyperSparge™ is inserted into the process through a nozzle in the side of the vessel, at waist height, so that the main components of the HyperSparge™ are located outside the vessel for ease of access and maintenance.

Some of the potential applications of the HyperSparge™ are:

› Oxidative leaching
› CIP/CIL processing of gold ores
› Processing of uranium ores
› Conditioning flotation pulps
› Column flotation

Wastewater Treatment
› Removal of VOC's
› Sulphide and sulphite oxidation
› Groundwater remediation
› High BOD liquors
› Oxygen stripping with inert gas

› Brewing
› Food and beverage
› Pharmaceuticals